Feminisms in Latin America: Pro-choice Nested Network in Mexico and Brazil

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Salud Sexual y Reproductiva, Aborto

This Element analyzes the features of current feminist movements in Latin America and their responses to conservative reactions. For this, it focuses on the pro-choice movement vis-à-vis the anti-abortion countermovement in Mexico and Brazil. It offers a relational approach embracing the dynamics within the feminist field and between feminism and the state to capture the movements’ potential effects. First, the Element proposes the concept of nested feminist networks, which comprises three dimensions revealing the plurality of the movement across intersectional and sexual identity issues (horizontal), its relationship with the multifaceted state (vertical), and the intermediation of political parties and participatory institutions in this relationship (intermediary). Second, it argues that nested networks allow feminists to enable policies and block actions from conservatives. In sum, it explores how feminists can counter conservative attacks by leveraging their plurality and connection with the state.

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